There will be gaming in the United States when we are all gone. There are millions and millions of dollars on sports events that are wagered.

There are many, many people who gamble in other states, so why has the money not been kept here in Alabama to benefit our people?

There is a job shortage, and cuts in the jails and the judicial system. Our educational system has suffered. Many State programs have been cut, including people who depend on their medicine and doctors, roads and much more.

All of the politicians need to think about where their pay checks will come from when we as a state have a big budget crisis. And we continue to ignore what was and is right here in Alabama.

It is a political right for the citizens of Alabama to vote. There are 47 states in the United States that has some form of gaming, and every state around Alabama gets our money.

I think all of the senators and House members should support this amendment and let the people have a vote as they did when they were elected to the House and to the Senate!

Sarah Smith

Phenix City

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