An AP story printed in your Jan. 31 issue had the headline, “50 years after funeral, Churchill towers over UK politicians.” To my thinking, the headline should have read, “Churchill towers over UK politicians — and our present top US politician.”

Two recent books document many of the principles attributed to “the man who led Britain to victory against Nazi Germany;” “The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History” by London Mayor Boris Johnson, and “Churchill by Himself” edited by Richard Langworth.

Recently, NBC Evening News reported on two huge gold nuggets stolen from the Wells Fargo Museum. The newscaster stated, “Actually, these nuggets belonged to ALL OF US.” Like these thieves, on his first Inauguration Day President Barack Obama “stole” a bronze bust of Churchill given to our country (a gift that “belonged to ALL OF US”) and sent it back to the British government. This was (and is) an insult to one of our major allies and to every US citizen! Now six years later, we’ve seen Obama’s damaging (opposite from Churchill) actions, real motives behind the bust’s return, and his rationale for his destructive foreign policy.

While a link between gold nuggets and principles might be vague, principles that Churchill stated are very clear. They stand in stark contrast with the failing policies of President Obama (on our Constitution, the bad influence of “Mohammedan laws about women”, taxes, debt, borrowing from other countries, the virtues of capitalism, the evils of socialism, and having a strong military). Just two differences highlighted in Obama’s latest inaccurate State of the Union speech: (1) Churchill – “You may try to destroy wealth, and find that all you have done is to increase poverty,” and (2) “Wars come very suddenly.” Shockingly, our military today is below the level we maintained in 1939.

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