Reference Alabama Public Service Commissioner Oden’s comments (Jan. 21) on the Clean Power Plan and the grid for distributing electricity.

Certainly, there are challenges to increasing the use of renewable energy resources.  In many other states, policy makers and companies are working the meet these challenges.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in upgrades for grid related improvements and for building additional generation facilities.

For example, Google has invested a total of $1.5 billion in renewable energy projects, the most recent being a wind farm in Oklahoma and a solar power facility in Utah (Forbes, Jan. 19).  In December, the Kentucky Public Service Commission approved a 10-megawatt solar project proposed by two Kentucky producers of electricity that will be located within the state. Also in December, the Georgia Public Service Commission unanimously approved 10 solar power purchase agreements totaling 515 megawatts of solar generation (in state) for Georgia Power Company.

This January, the Tampa Bay Times reported Florida’s Gulf Power announced a 120-megawatt utility-scale solar power facility in support (at three military bases) of the U.S. Department of Defense’s goal  of achieving 25 percent renewable energy by 2025.

Readers are reminded that Georgia Power and Gulf Power are owned by the Atlanta-based Southern Company, which also owns Alabama Power Company.

The Alabama Public Service Commission could help us catch up with others by repealing the $5 per kilowatt per month charge (adopted early last year) on citizens who install solar panels in Alabama Power’s service area.

David Newton



Beware of too many regulations

D.W. St. John wants a cultural revolution to create a "beautiful" city and will accept forfeiture of property rights and more regulations to get it. He criticizes Congressman Rogers and the Mises Institute "worshiping" these rights and their contempt for all government and regulations.

Obviously, he would make a good citizen under a totalitarian form of government. But property rights and limited government have given us this way of life that is infinitely better than any form of government created by man. If we do not have property rights we are no longer a free, democratic people but a socialist country with an-all powerful government that owns all property and dictates what each will receive from its benevolence, or better, from the benevolence of its ruling elite. Crony citizenship?

Do we need some regulations? Certainly, those limited to protecting the greater good and society as a whole, giving each the same opportunity, not results. But who determines when a proposed building is "ugly" or is "beautiful?” Is this in the eye of the beholders?

Everyone would like to see things stay as-is, but is that realistic? Shouldn't property owners be able to make the most of their investments within reasonable restrictions? 

If the City of Auburn wants to preserve old structures or "green length of beauty" why not purchase them, or have historic preservation groups do this? 

Should the City limit its growth and refuse others from exercising their "rights"? Who will decide what period of Auburn's history will be the marker/standards for preservation?

…Many Americans know that the number of "regulations" have exploded, especially under the current Obama administration. When government tells an employer what minimum wage he must pay, or a guitar manufacturer that he cannot use a certain wood from somewhere around the globe, or that property owners can use their land since it is a "wet land", have we gone too far? Many think we have; many feel we are regulating ourselves to death. The signs of which are very apparent.


Carl S. Gagliano



Judge erred in gay marriage ruling

It was sad to learn of the ruling by the federal judge in Mobile.  It is evident that this judge does not submit to the last words of king David, the sweet Psalmist of Israel who said,  "The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God." 

A proper government is a contract between those who govern, and those who are governed, and God; not just any god, but the God who created all things, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob -- the God who so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

To rule that same sex marriage is to be allowed, recognized, and protected demonstrates the lack of the fear of God. God has not changed his mind. This wicked practice of sodomites is still an abomination to God.  It is unseemly, unclean, unnatural, and dishonoring to the bodies of those who give themselves over to changing the truth of God into a lie, who worship and serve the creature more than the Creator.  

It appears that America is being turned over to a reprobate mind.  May God grant repentance, and may we receive it before we find ourselves destroyed as Sodom and Gomorrah. Read II Samuel 23:3, Leviticus 18:22, Genesis 19, Romans 1, and the front page of the newspaper.


David Floyd Sr.



How do you feel about America?

After listening to our President, Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech and being aware of what has been happening worldwide in the last few days, we could wonder just where has he been to be so out of touch.

Obviously spending his time giving campaign type speeches to captive audiences such as students, unions and soldiers does not give much of an insight into what’s going on in the world, not to mention 17 days in Hawaii and  now a trip to India to flesh out his legacy on global warming. If he spent more time on presidential responsibilities such as crisis management instead of working on his legacy at our expense, he might accomplish something good for the country.

It is abundantly clear that he and his team are in water way above their heads and are floundering.  The safety of our nation and its people are at risk in the face of terror threats from many directions.

Russia, China and Iran appear to have our White House intimidated (no guts when it comes to defending us) and afraid to stand up. Radical Islamic terrorists are growing in number and our White House is so saturated by Islam they can’t call radical Islamic terrorism what it is.

Has Islam so infiltrated our government that they are now unable to represent we the American people? (Remember, Truman, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Regan and that Stormin’ Norman) If ever we needed leaders like them, men of honor and courage it is now.

Is there some way that Congress or the Supreme Court can come to grips with the inexperienced leader of questionable loyalty that we the people so wrongly put there? Is there something that we can do before he brings us to a point of little or no chance of return to normalcy? 

Have we learned our lesson? Have you watched some of the “man in the street” interviews, lately, to see just how uninformed some of us voters are. Over the years our congress has ceded more power to the president and secretaries appointed by the president to make rules and establish regulations with little or no effective oversight as they come back to haunt us.

The congress makes attempts at oversight but seem to have little or no power to change direction, once laws are passed. Accountability disappears.  If I had one wish for our country today it would be to return our country to the days before political correctness,  diversity, hate speech, abortion, social   engineering, and prior to a weakened military, when lying was unacceptable and God was accepted everywhere. How do you feel?


Slaton Crawford



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