I am writing to support David Newton’s recent letter, “Consumers can lead in response to climate change," published in the O-A News on Oct. 19.

While the clean-energy future is gathering momentum, individual consumers can indeed apply energy-conserving methods right now.

For example, here are some ways by which I am reducing energy usage, thereby saving money and protecting the environment: (1) cooling and heating my house with high-efficiency air conditioner/heat pump units; (2) lighting with efficient LED and CF bulbs; (3) driving a car that gets good gas mileage; (4) maintaining my yard with lithium battery-powered tools (mower, blower and trimmer); (5) recycling solid waste; (6) and, carrying groceries in reusable cloth bags. These are modest practices that many people can do.

Mr. Newton’s letter recommends that conservationist consumers encourage government officials to follow their lead. That may work with progressive officeholders, but probably few “fossil-fuel” officials could be persuaded to promote clean energy. The “fossils” will simply have to be retired from office and supplanted by more independent, imaginative and forward-thinking policy makers.

Jim DeWitt


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