Chuck's Bar-B-Que

Plenty to enjoy on the Rib Plate from Chuck's Bar-B-Que.

The smell hit me first.

When I stepped out of my car in the parking lot of Chuck’s Bar-B-Que in Opelika, I started to smile because of that smell. I’ve eaten enough barbecue in my life to know that not all barbecue is created equal, and that smell told me something: I was going to enjoy this.

After a long look at the extensive menu (and I really did take some time to look), I decided to order ribs for my lunch. It was Chuck’s Rib Plate. I ordered it not just for the ribs, but because I wanted two sides. I’m a sides person; always have been. To me, what goes with the main event on the plate is just as important as the main event. The whole dish is better if the sides are good, too.

The Rib Plate, quoted from Chuck’s menu, is a “half slab of ribs served with a large and small side item.” I knew my large side would be baked beans. I love baked beans, and my second choice was cole slaw. I also ordered a drink.

I must admit that I didn’t know what a “half slab” would look like, but when I got my plate, it was a lot. It had a lot of everything, really, hence the reason I asked for a to-go plate. My lunch also included two slices of white bread and pickles.

The ribs had a wonderful char on the outside, just like they should, and were covered with house-made savory sauce. I was trying hard not to get messy, but it didn’t work. Let’s just say there were a lot of napkins. But everyone’s allowed to get messy with barbecue, right?

Like I predicted, I enjoyed my meal at Chuck’s Bar-B-Que. And with its large menu – which includes pork and chicken plates, even more sides, sandwiches, wraps, salads and desserts – you won’t go wrong with whatever you choose. The restaurant also offers specials.

But if you are anything like me, you might want to get your napkins ready before you dig in.

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