The Village Cookery

Chicken salad sandwich with potato salad and pickles. 

One of the first times my mom visited me in Auburn, we ate at The Village Cookery. It was a Friday night, and we had gumbo. It had a great taste and filled us up.

So when I was looking for a restaurant to go to for lunch this week, I knew I had to go to The Village Cookery.

When I walked in the restaurant, I was greeted by a courteous server. The atmosphere of the restaurant made me feel at ease with lovely instrumental music playing in the background.

On the menu, I noticed that they had a chicken salad sandwich. Whenever a restaurant I go to has a chicken salad sandwich, I will more than likely order it.

As a side, I decided to go with potato salad because I remembered how much I loved my grandma’s potato salad whenever she would make it.

My food was served in a timely manner. The sandwich was one of the best chicken salad sandwiches I've eaten. The chicken salad was decadent and had the right consistency. The potato salad was packed with flavor, and it had the thickness that I look for in it.

As a dessert, I decided to go with bread pudding because that is another item I like to order whenever a restaurant has it.

The bread pudding was served piping hot with a load of whipped cream which I was not used to seeing. It was a delicious treat. The whipped cream was a sweet way to cool off some of the heat from the dessert which paired nicely with my sweet tea.

The total cost of my meal was $15.53.

Overall, my experience was like coming home for a family meal. I will definitely be coming back.

If you are looking for a nice, serene place to eat a lunch or dinner, go to The Village Cookery.

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