Connor’s Botanical Den store is your local dedicated retail shop for all things CBD in Auburn with a mission to help people find relief without taking prescription drugs that have multiple side effects, ‘Your CBD Store’ is focused on holistic, natural options.

Are you asking yourself, “What exactly is CBD?” If so, the knowledgeable staff at ‘Your CBD Store’ is more than happy to answer any questions about their high-quality products, the science in a nutshell, the benefits, and more… The best part is they offer free samples! After listening to your story and needs as a consumer, the staff is there to help you find a good fit for your lifestyle. They understand the pain-management side of CBD and have personal experience as a testimony.

“A good friend of ours had health issues and pain relievers weren’t helping her with the symptoms. We went for a visit and couldn’t believe how well she was doing and asked what she was doing differently. She told us she had started using CBD. ” said Pam, owner of Connor’s Botanical Den. “My husband and I both suffered from chronic pain and other ailments; and we dealt with the fallout of relying on pain relievers. We decided to try CBD for ourselves. In a very short time, both my husband and I were feeling better. He was able to walk further without having to use his wheelchair and I was in a lot less pain.”

The Connors decided to join their friends in opening as an affiliate “Your CBD Store” store. The first location opened in Florida in March 2018. The Connors were the sixth store to open in July 2018 in neighboring Columbus, Ga. and as of March 2019, "Your CBD Store" has over 250 affiliate stores in 31 states. Currently, the Connors have locations in: Columbus, Auburn and Dothan; with Phenix City and Eufaula stores in the works.

Discover the benefits of CBD. CBD may help with chronic pain, migraines, skin disorders, anxiety and more. The top-quality products include water soluble, capsules, oils, topical pain cream, moisturizers, lip balm, bath bombs, gummies and vape products.

As to understanding what CBD is, Pam explains it in simple terms. “Our CBD is industrial hemp, organically grown in Colorado. The THC is removed by CO2 extraction. Our CBD is tested six times before it hits our shelves. We take pride in our safe, quality products. “We offer a natural way to target the receptors in your own body to promote homeostasis; a feeling of well-being, with a chance for a better quality of life”.

What’s the one thing Connors Botanical Den wants you to know about them? “You do not need a medical card nor a doctor’s prescription to try or use CBD". Our goal is to bring the best quality CBD products to the public and see them smile when they walk out our doors!”

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